Bibliotique is all about books for those that love to read and are addicted to stories that make them ask for more. That is why some books have many chapters that adds excitement to readers. Books are used in school, in the office and virtually everywhere. Books are a guide to knowledge that contains very important materials for learning. Without books we could have not learned the things that we know today. We should be thankful to the authors that made books for science, mathematics, books for different subjects and more.

In this age of ours today, the internet slowly replaces the books that we know from the past. We can read stories using ebooks on mobile devices, we can search the internet for the story from a book that we want, but we must not forget where it all began, from a normal book that has pages of paper. We must not forget the history before the ebook craze. Yes, technology is at hand, but the good old book still remains.